Monthly Membership

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering that brings you unparalleled value and a sparkling clean ride every day – our Monthly Membership for the Platinum Car Wash. 

At RedHawk Hand Carwash, we understand the importance of maintaining a pristine vehicle without compromising your time and budget. 

Our Platinum Car Wash is renowned for its meticulous 100% hand car wash, thorough vacuuming, detailed attention to your dash and cupholders, streak-free window cleaning, and the perfect finishing touch – a refreshing air freshener.

With our Monthly Membership, you can enjoy unlimited Platinum Car Washes on a month-to-month basis. Join our community of satisfied customers who trust us to provide top-notch car care services. 


With the Monthly Membership, your car will always be ready to hit the road in style. Experience the luxury of a clean and polished vehicle whenever you desire – become a member today at RedHawk Hand Carwash!

Monthly Platinum Membership

$ 80
  • 100% Hand Wash
  • Vacuum
  • Dash & Cupholder Cleaning
  • Streak-Free Windows
  • Air Freshener